Why I Like Having A Beard

a beardSome men have a beard. They are called wise, manly men.

If a man has a beard, he does not need to shave if he grows a mustache to go for this. With no mustache, he has just a little patch to cut. He can shave that with the little electric razor they gave him when he was at the barber.

Young men with beards must keep them trim and tidy unless they live here in Illinois and work at home on the farm where cows and hogs don’t have any interest in beards. My son and I know that beards are essential during cold days. That’s why we use http://beardczarreview.net/ products to grow it.

In ten-below-weather he is the one out on the farm tending to the cattle. His feet are falling around on frozen cow manure. His arm is left up to the shoulder in a cow at the pregnancy-check position.

In the winter, my son can preg-check a string of 300 cows much faster than in the summer. In the winter the one thing that is warm is the arm he has stuck in the cow.

That is why my son enjoys a beard in the wintertime.

He showed the local leaders pictures of ancient prominent church leaders with beards a foot long. That did not work. Then he said that he was over 30-years-old and needed to wear a beard in the tradition of his ancient Irish forbearers. They stated that his Scottish and English ancestry was probably not Irish and that he would need to get rid of the beard.

With all that, it is time to let you know why I grow a beard.

I’m a wise, manly guy.

It keeps my face warm in the winter (particularly when I’m indoors).

My wife enjoys it. Other women say that they enjoy it too while shaking their heads.

Some men like it except the people who can not grow a decent beard.

Squirrels have somewhere to hide their nuts.

It’s a haven for small songbirds that eat the crumbs my beard collects when I eat.

It gives me something to tug on while I’m having deep thoughts or making a grandiose plan.

It’s the only thing I can do that my wife can not (without Rogaine).

You have to watch what you are doing when you are cutting your hair. Last summer I was cutting my hair when I noticed that a small lawn mower had passed through my beard leaving a swath not easily mended. I tried to balance the beard, first on one side and then on the other. Pretty soon I had no beard left to fix.