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Why I Like Having A Beard

a beardSome men have a beard. They are called wise, manly men.

If a man has a beard, he does not need to shave if he grows a mustache to go for this. With no mustache, he has just a little patch to cut. He can shave that with the little electric razor they gave him when he was at the barber.

Young men with beards must keep them trim and tidy unless they live here in Illinois and work at home on the farm where cows and hogs don’t have any interest in beards. My son and I know that beards are essential during cold days. That’s why we use products to grow it.

In ten-below-weather he is the one out on the farm tending to the cattle. His feet are falling around on frozen cow manure. His arm is left up to the shoulder in a cow at the pregnancy-check position.

In the winter, my son can preg-check a string of 300 cows much faster than in the summer. In the winter the one thing that is warm is the arm he has stuck in the cow.

That is why my son enjoys a beard in the wintertime.

He showed the local leaders pictures of ancient prominent church leaders with beards a foot long. That did not work. Then he said that he was over 30-years-old and needed to wear a beard in the tradition of his ancient Irish forbearers. They stated that his Scottish and English ancestry was probably not Irish and that he would need to get rid of the beard.

With all that, it is time to let you know why I grow a beard.

I’m a wise, manly guy.

It keeps my face warm in the winter (particularly when I’m indoors).

My wife enjoys it. Other women say that they enjoy it too while shaking their heads.

Some men like it except the people who can not grow a decent beard.

Squirrels have somewhere to hide their nuts.

It’s a haven for small songbirds that eat the crumbs my beard collects when I eat.

It gives me something to tug on while I’m having deep thoughts or making a grandiose plan.

It’s the only thing I can do that my wife can not (without Rogaine).

You have to watch what you are doing when you are cutting your hair. Last summer I was cutting my hair when I noticed that a small lawn mower had passed through my beard leaving a swath not easily mended. I tried to balance the beard, first on one side and then on the other. Pretty soon I had no beard left to fix.

What Are Some Safe Steroid Alternatives?

Using steroids is a typical occurrence with athletes and young sports players who use steroids to get similar physical abilities of favorite athletes and admire these athletes. Unfortunately, the sad truth of the matter is that a number of these athletes would not have the physique they’ve without the use of steroids.

Fortunately, there are legal alternatives that don’t involve the adverse health effects but do have potential to bulk up bodybuilders. Advances have been started by the debate about steroid use. Among bodybuilding supplements available, many steroid alternatives are safe. And they can all be bought from

These nutritional supplements provide the body together with the proper nutrients that it needs to construct and maintain the desired muscles.

Dietary supplements like protein and zinc are also effective in increasing lean muscle. Generally, in most health stores or pharmacies, these safe steroid alternatives can be readily found in the pill form. Supplements, for example, can also be made available in beverage or powder forms, and are ideal for those who are seeking some extra flavor in a nutrient-rich beverage.

You can often find protein drinks for those who want to build lean muscle mass.They come in many flavors to suit both your nutritional needs and to satisfy your taste buds.

A significant advantage of using safe alternatives to steroids is the legality. All of the alternatives carry the label of being legal to use providing athletes with the ability. Read this d-bal review to learn about one of the most popular ones.

While there are some side effects which are possible with these dietary supplements, positive results far outweigh these risks and are less harmful than regular steroids. Experiments and research on alternatives to steroids are continually being worked on so as to ensure the safety and enhance the quality.

No matter what dietary supplement while on your journey a healthy diet and proper exercise are significant in helping you to accomplish your goals, you decide to use. Before beginning or altering your diet or any exercise, it is recommended that you speak with your physician.

Three Great Supplements For Building Muscles

weight lifterSome supplements are very effective at helping to build muscle. These muscle building supplements are made to help you improve your strength pack on serious muscles and transform your body entirely. In this particular article, I will outline 3 of the most famous and effective nutritional supplements to build muscle mass. The list will not include direct hormone booster like but will include everyday muscle builders you can buy in any store.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is the most popular muscle-building dietary supplement and holds a vital location in the world of bodybuilding.

Whey protein is produced from cow’s milk. It’s subsequently purified and put through a drying tower to remove water and made accessible the marketplace in the form of powders.

Whey protein isn’t found in food and for that reason must be taken as a nutritional supplement to build muscle mass.

There are there are only three kinds of whey proteins: isolate, concentrate and blend. Isolate has the smallest amount of fat and lactose, and it holds the greatest bioavailability. Whey protein concentrate is cheaper than isolate but features a higher amount of lactose and fat and a marginally lower bioavailability. Whey protein blend is a combination of isolate and concentrate.

Whey Protein plays many functions in the building muscle mass procedure. The most notable of these include:

1. This protein aids in the development and repair of muscles. Whey protein is readily digested and taken up by the muscles after an intense workout making them accessible for the muscle building process.

2. It raises your metabolism and incites protein synthesis, which is critical for fat burn but also muscle growth.

For the top results, you must integrate whey protein into your muscle-building nutrition program as a post-workout muscle building nutritional supplement.


Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, an amino-acid chemically called methyl guanidine-acetic acid. Creatine is carried in our blood via our vascular system to our muscle tissues.

The three essential parts creatine play in the muscle building process are:

1. Creatine boosts your strength via the extended availability of ATP, which is a distributor of energy inside your body. This means you will be able to lift more and hence boost the intensity of your muscle building workouts.

2. Creatine increases muscle size because of its volumizing effect.

3. Creatine reduces the effect of lactic acid build-up in muscle tissue, which enables you to pump out a couple more repetitions and sets before sensing the burn in your muscles that you get when they are fatigued.

Creatine is obtainable in the type of powders, pills, capsules, fruit-flavoured bars chews, and drinks. Creatine is found in some foods like fish, red meat, dairy products, egg white, nuts, and seeds.

Branched chain amino acids are amino acids that are essential. As they make up 33 percent of muscle protein, they play a pivotal function in our general health and skeletal muscle.

There are there are only three common branched chain amino acids seen as a muscle building supplement. All these are available in supplement form as drinks, shakes, powders and bars and are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. Foods that are an excellent source of branched chain amino acids include meat, legumes, and dairy products.

Branched Chain Amino Acids

1. BCAA’s decrease the damage that is done to your muscles after a workout.

2. Recovery increases from muscle fatigue. BCAA’s are accessible for muscle protein synthesis and repair and enter into muscle tissue.

3. Daily intake of BCAA’s helps keep optimum amino acid plasma levels within the body and finally aids in complete muscle development.

So there you have three great nutritional supplements to build muscle mass that will help you regain immediately to obtain strength and  build muscle. These dietary supplements work better when consumed in adequate amounts and suitable time intervals for your particular physique.

Nevertheless always remember that overdosage of any muscle building nutritional supplement can lead to serious health problems and it is always advocated to take these supplements with the advice of professional trainers.

What’s The Best Lighting For Camping

A critical component of any vacation for camping is lighting. No matter if you are a hardcore camper who’ll go out in any weather or in case you’re only a recreational campsite dweller. Moving around as the whim takes you and preferring to set the tent up in a single place and make it your home for the next few weeks. You are going to want some light once the sun has set.

But when the sun has set, you must illuminate your group. It’s also useful to have light to make a break to the toilets in the center of the night, saving yourself from tripping over the tent cords or cooking late during the evening.

Open fires are nearly constantly banned during warmer months, so this can not be relied on as a means to supply light. Acres of native bush can be devastated and lives can be endangered. The same goes for candles which may also be a safety hazard with children and tents.

camping tent

There is camping lighting to fulfill every need. In case you are not one for batteries, a solar powered torch can help for fast night time toilet visits, although all these are frequently not as far reaching as lighting used or as strong. You can also attempt a wind-up flashlight that requires power to be generated by a little bit of brawn. A basic headlamp is perfect for hands-free toilet visits in the center of the night.

The wind-up and shaking torches do have a restricted use time, so are better for short periods of use. It is important that the usage of gas lighting is limited to adults only and placed in a secure location when not in use. In case you want a continuous, longer choice, then gas is an excellent solution to go actually. You burn time from LED lights too and can get a great quantity of lighting, but you will have to ensure you have bought enough batteries for your length of stay.

The scope of camping light available means you can pretty much have whatever suits your demands best. Talking to somebody who can help you to find the proper kind for your needs will save you time and supply you with the illumination you need.

Salsa Dancing Is A Fun Way To Workout

salsa-dancersThe Salsa is an energetic and enthusiastic dance. It is known for its footwork and alluring and intimate motions. The word salsa comes from the Spanish word for sauce. The dance features elements of other dances (Cumbia, Zumba, Merengue) and mixes it into one dance.

There are lots of incentives to begin dancing Salsa. Here are just a few reasons why you should begin learning the Salsa Dance;

1. The Salsa dance is a good workout. It is just like Zumba dancing. This is an excellent replacement for working out in a gymnasium. Dancing the salsa is fun and a great exercise.

2. Learning to dance the salsa boosts your self-esteem and helps in boosting your confidence. The salsa is a vibrant and complicated dance. You learn the way to transfer your body and move across the dance floor. This helps with your self-esteem and increases your self-assurance when around people of the opposite gender and people.

3. Your time, as well as your reflexes, also improve.

4. The Salsa dance is a combination of some other dances. And it is open to improvisation. Most of them also make use of rhythm and the same music.

5. Learning also helps with your relationships with the other sex. You detect the subtle differences between men and women and how to move your body with and against your dance partner. There’s also that dance myth that a great dancer is also a great lover.

6. Dancing is a social activity and can’t be done alone. You get to meet other people when you go out dancing. You’re able to interact with other dancers.

7. And lastly, the most significant and greatest motive to begin learning the salsa dance is because it is easy and enjoyable.