A Review of The T25 Schedule

Posted by Kea on

Hi guys. Let me tell you about the workout I’m doing. I just finished my first week of Focus T25; 25 minutes a day, 5 days. The work outs are just 25 minutes long. I work out so I have time, even if I do not begin right away. With the longer workouts, if I overslept just a little, I ‘d to do my work outs later in the day (if I got to them at all.)

Focus T25 is broken down into Beta, Alpha and two stages 5 weeks long. The Alpha Software stage is like a learning phase, the pace is slower and the focus is getting proper form. The Beta period is the command stage, which will be when you pick up the speed and intensity. Alpha Software may be slower, but it’s no joke.

Day 1

The first workout was Alpha Cardio. It’s a fantastic cardio workout that also targets your abs. You are moving flat out for 25 minutes, no breaks (I took the rest when I desired it.) The moves are not difficult to follow, I was able to do them and I have no coordination. Shaun T does a great job of queuing, telling you what to do, so you do not have to view the whole time to the display. This really is especially good when doing something on the floor, it’s not difficult to follow and go to another move

Day 2

This was my favorite workout; and I believe the name is extremely trendy. It is all speed work, making you quicker. I’m training for a marathon, and Focus T25, and this workout specifically, is excellent cross training. It is lots of rapid moves working on speed and agility (again, I desire this as I haven’t any dexterity.)

Day 3

The day three workout was Alpha Software Total Body Circuit. This can be a complete body workout, and I sensed my legs, core, and upper body for it. None of the work outs need any equipment, just your body and gravity. You’ll be able to get great effects with body weight exercises, and so long as you’ve got a flooring and gravity, you can work out anywhere. The moves were easy to follow; I enjoy the way Shaun T has a progression of moves, they all build upon each other.

Day 4

Thursday was Alpha Ab Periods. That name made me nervous, but not to stress. It was 25 minutes of ab work, no crunches. Most of it was standing, there were some leg lifts and boards. Recall abs are made in the kitchen, watch your diet.

Day 5

Day 5 is a bit different; it’s a two work out day. You’ve the choice of doing one of the workouts the next day, and I imagine you could do one in the morning and one at night. I chose to get both done each morning, and so I could have a rest day on Saturday. The two work outs for this particular day were Alpha Cardio and Alpha Lower Focus. It’s tons of lunges and squats. Constantly focus on the core balance work and there’s. Again, there’s no gear required, and my legs were on fire at the end. Then came Alpha Cardio, a repeat from day 1.

The arrangement of the workouts changes for the forthcoming weeks. Day 1 of week 2 is Cardio again, but things switch around. Focus T25 is a workout that is great. The moves are simple to follow, if you can not jump there is a modifier, and it’s only 25 minutes a day.

I have virtual groups of people doing Focus T25. The group supplies the nutrition and fitness plan, plus support, motivation and liability. I assist you to reach your goals and will coach you through your program. If you want a more detailed review of the T25 calendar, check out http://t25calendarschedule.com/.